Who is this for & what will you get out of it?                                                                                                                                                                                  What will the day look like?                                    

One Day Yoga Retreat with Barb


Body Mind Magic


Reverse Depletion with Deep Self Care



Sunday, April 28th

9:00 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. 

6635 Magda Dr.

Maple Grove, MN  55369

Early Bird Rate:  $195 (Available through April 8th)   Full Rate:  $235   
Tuition Includes Your Own Healing Bag of Magic Stuff Valued at $125!

Release of Tension Was Profound Even with Two Herniated Discs!

A day after the Rejuvenation Retreat with Barb, I absolutely felt different, in my sacrum, hips and legs! My upper shoulders, neck  and lower back are releasing tension as well!

On the way home from the retreat, I felt rushes of heat, energy and circulation returning to my left leg. I find this amazing as my entire left side has been restricted for a long time due to two herniated discs (L4 and L5). I’m not pain free yet, but…. I can feel the deep inside muscles you talk about, being much happier! The release of tension, and feeling of ease is still quite profound, a day later!  Since doing the home yoga practice we learned at the retreat, I am noticing new and additional releases of old pain and tension throughout my body!

 I am excited to continue my home practice along with private yoga sessions to take this rejuvenation from the retreat , even further!


Jodi Baglien  Rejuvenation Retreat January 2019  

CA, CST Aromatherapy + Training + Consulting


“ As a teacher of this yoga style, I  knew a Rejuvenation Retreat with Barb would give me amazing rejuvenation and resolving of depletion.  However, the word that came to mind after a full day of gentle, supported yoga, foot massage, yogic breathing for restoration and more was “UNEXPECTED”!  Even with years of  my own yoga practice and trainings, the benefits I received in body and mind went beyond my expectations. Deep release of emotional and mental stress along with a release of physical pain. It was a day of healing, laughter, connection and deep nurturing.  I highly recommend you sign up for any upcoming retreats with Barb.  You will not be disappointed!”

Andrea D.  R.N., Certified Yoga Teacher

Dive deeply into the magic of yoga practices carefully selected to reverse depletion during this one day retreat designed for women of all ages who are depleted, worn down and burned out. Your depletion might manifest as physical pain, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, irritability or an inability to sleep. As women, we are often cast in the role of caring for others.  We are driven by a need to succeed and be all things to everyone. We are other focused and can forget about ourselves in the process. We tell ourselves we will take time to rejuvenate when our lives settle down and in the meantime we end up trying to get through our hectic days with too little sleep, a lot of caffeine and sheer will power. We live in fight or flight mode and it takes a toll. There is no better time than now to start your healing journey of self care.  You and the people you love will benefit.

In the words of my teacher, Kaya, concentrate what would otherwise be weeks of up-and-down slow-paced healing into one full day of ascension. You will experience the science, artistry and magic of this uniquely blissful yoga. Science in that it is reliable, repeatable and explainable. Artistry in that it changes depending on the practitioner. Magic in that there are unseeable, unexplainable factors of yoga.  Yoga is explicitly about what is not seeable. 

You will be empowered with self care tools, ancient practices and offerings designed for continued healing after your retreat experience.


This is deeply healing but highly accessible yoga for all bodies!


This is an opportunity to dive in deeper, dedicate a full day to yourself, learn some new tools and tricks that are powerfully healing.

I hope you are able to join me!

Plantar Fasciitis Pain & Deep Stress Resolved!

"After years of plantar fasciitis, heel pain and wearing orthotics, I was shocked that by the end of the Rejuvenation Retreat with Barb I was walking in bare feet with no pain!  Even though I practice this yoga weekly, my overactive, stressed mind calmed down to a place of deep inner peace I have never before experienced. I truly found my STILL POINT, a place of deep healing and rejuvenation.  
I walked away with simple, effective tools and a home practice that will be easy to implement until the next retreat!"

Donna G.  November Retreat 2018 Educator, M.Ed.       

Sleeping Like a Baby!

The January Rejuvenation Retreat was awesome! I really enjoyed it and slept so well!  Normally, I sleep 3-4 hours, wake up and get a drink of water before going back to bed. Since the retreat, I have been sleeping 5+ hours at a time, jut like a baby lol!  I practice the breathing exercise from the retreat right before bedtime. As I continue with the home yoga practice you taught us, I expect to feel more relaxed and have a better attitude about everything - get rid of my anxiety all together.  It's not bad --- but it's there.  

Thank you for the wonderful gems in the Healing Treasure Bag - they are amazing!  I've been watching the videos you sent - they are very helpful and I get pumped just watching them. Thanks again Barb -- you are an amazing instructor!

Jan Ament  Rejuvenation Retreat January 2019


Experience the Bliss of a Calm Mind

with practices that induce your "Relaxation Response"

Unravel Patterns of Depletion & Pain 
with Accessible Spinal Release Yoga Poses and Practices

Access A Deep State of Healing 
with Yoga Relaxation.

 Release Deep Tension in Your Upper Spine

Release A Tight Lower Back & Neck 

 Reverse Depletion in Your Daily Life
as you explore the yogic principles of Rejuvenation and Purification.

Rejuvenate and De-Stress        
as you massage your feet or face with my favorite tool,        

the Kansa Wand!        



Your Personal Take Home Bag of Magic Stuff Containing:
Your Own Kansa Wand, Healing Oils, Natural Herbal Supplements and so much more for Dissolving Stress & Depletion
(Magic Bag of Stuff Valued at $125)

An Online Follow-Up Program To Support and Inspire Your At Home Self Care Practice!


Completely Soothed in Body and Mind!

I was happy to be a part of your Rejuvenation Retreat  and very much enjoyed the day!  It was definitely outside of my comfort zone, but you made me feel completely at ease from the very beginning and totally erased any anxiety I had coming into it.  I did feel as though my body began to soften and relax a bit more as the day went on, and I was able to actually quiet my mind through the breathing exercises more than is typically possible!  It truly was a beautiful, calming day and I felt completely soothed in body and mind by the end.  Thank you for providing such a warm, safe and welcoming environment for me to experience a very different way of moving my body and settling my mind.  You are a beautiful and amazing teacher! 

Nanci Lilja  Rejuvenation Retreat January 2019


Director, Legal & Compliance Operations

Early Bird Rate:  $195 (Available through April 8th!)   Full Rate:  $235   
Tuition Includes Your Own Personal Bag of Magic Stuff Valued at $125

I loved how I was able to release tension in my body and truly let go in body, mind and heart. I felt such peace and gratitude for days afterwards. Barb is a wise soul, who is a Master of Her Craft. Caring, Nurturing, and Generous. 

Dee S., EMT

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