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Inner Openings

Yoga & A Little Bit of Magic

 Unique    Healing     Supportive     Personalized      Gentle 


Experience A Blissful Mind and Relief from Physical Pain.

 Luxuriate and abide in this deeply transformative yoga practice as you experience a deep release of mental and physical tension along your spine.

Get a new body and a new you, all at the same time!


"My aches and pains went from a

9 down to a 2 after your yoga class!  You are a wonderful, teacher!

Loved, loved, loved your class!!!!"

                   Ally Lodholz                                   
                                       Personal trainer, Certified Yoga Teacher                                   

"Since taking Barb’s classes my chronic

back & neck pain is almost completely gone.  It has

empowered me to know what I can do for myself to alleviate my pain!!! 
She is a person of deep compassion and a fabulous teacher!

This yoga has been amazing for me. I am so thankful Barb shares

this yoga with others.  What a gift it has been to me!"                    

                                       Colleen Malone                                     

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