About Barb

 M.Ed. University of Minnesota  
Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance
1,000 hours of formal yoga training 
"Thank you for the yoga class.
The releases I got from the poses
were incredible!"
Jenn Brenning
Barbara's entire career has involved some form of teaching! She spent 15 years teaching at the elementary level in the Osseo School District of Minnesota.  After the arrival of her second daughter from Korea, she took a leave from teaching and built her business "Fuzzy Slippers Forever", in which she was hired to speak on the topics of Stress Relief and Children's Health for local schools, businesses, and MOPS groups (Moms of Preschoolers).  Always interested in health, holistic healing and fitness, she applied what she learned to a variety of personal health issues, including a severe eating disorder as a young adult.  Debilitating physical pain in 2013, brought her to the healing power of yoga.  (See her "Yoga Story") Barb's experience was transformative on all levels: body, mind and soul.  
She finds it deeply satisfying to be offering such a calming and restorative yoga practice to others. Barb describes a vivid image she received in the midst of personal crisis and deep trauma in 2006. It was an image of people coming to her home and lying on the floor in a resting pose (Can we say Shavasana?).  At the time, she didn't know what they were doing but she knew they were coming because they needed a place where they could recover and heal from stress and physical pain. Barb now understands, she was being given a glimpse of this beautiful, healing yoga practice she now shares with others!